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Bound and Shagged

We wants the gutter, preciouussss

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Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy Fuh-Q-Fest
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Welcome to the "Bound and Shagged: Harry/Draco Fuh-Q-Fest!"


This, as is obvious, is a Harry/Draco Fuh-Q-Fest community. A Fuh-Q-Fest, for those who are unsure, generally entails a number of challenges - most of them with a raunchy potential - which authors may choose to undertake and complete by a certain due date (usually two months). Let yourself into the spirit, it's quite a lot of fun. :D There have been two waves, the fics of which you may access at the beautiful site maintained by the even more beautiful ctkelly. For information on future waves, please keep this community friended.

If you have any questions, please ask them here.

- idroppedarice
personal contact: idroppedarice @ gmail.com



The header image was created by ctkelly. The H/D art for the banner and icon is by glockgal. The brushes are from http://truly-sarah.com. The title "Bound and Shagged" was thought up by mijan.

Legal Age Requirement:

This FQF is intended for those over the legal age in their country. If any members do join that are under that age, I and this community, take no responsibility for what you may find here. Please read the ratings and warnings carefully.


Harry Potter, the HP universe and all subsequent settings and characters are the property of J. K. Rowling and her associates. I do not in any way claim that the characters or books are mine or that Ms. Rowling is in any way affiliated with this site. It's all just a bit of fun that intends no harm and is making no financial profit.

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